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Pollux Shipping

Pollux Shipping is a maritime consultancy firm.

Established in 1991, we have a long tradition of acting as business adviser to many of the major players in the industry. Today, we also trade in different types of work boats, containers and cargo handling equipment.

We sell Trefjar Cleopatra 38 work boats Read more.
Pollux Shipping is agent for Containex. Read more.
Pollux Shipping is co-agent in Sweden for Mare Safety rescue and patrol boats. Read more.

Shipping support

Pollux Shipping can provide a full range of shipping support services and advice within marine and cargo operations.

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We can offer an extensive range of training courses for both onshore and offshore crew.

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We act as agent for leading suppliers of work vessels as well as rescue- and patrolboats in Sweden. We also trade in containers and high class modules.

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About us

Pollux Shipping is a maritime consultancy firm and shipping company. The firm is headquartered in Gothenburg on the Swedish westcoast and has a strong reputation of providing top-flight advice and services to its clients. Today, we act as agent for different type of work boats and trade in containers and cargo handling equipment etc.

With extensive industry experience and superior relationships with industry players, advisers and subcontractors we strive to provide innovative and value-added advice and services to our clients.

Our flag dates back to 1946

Pollux Shipping's blue and yellow flag was originally used by the reefer shipping company Oceankompaniet. Founded in 1946, Oceankompaniet was a subsidiary of the Brostrom group and the Swedish Orient Line, transporting goods mainly from the Americas to Europe. We acquired Oceankompaniet and the right to use its company name and flag in 2007.


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    Lars-Eric Carlsson

    Founder, Managing Director

    Mobile: +46 703 20 64 29


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    Claes Mattsson

    Project Manager

    Mobile: +46 723 34 34 13



Our services

Consulting and ship brokerage

In our consulting business we provide advisory services to shipping companies, brokers, oil and gas companies, banks, insurers and other stakeholders in the shipping and maritime industry. Our focus is on marine operations and we aim to deliver high attention and proactive services to solve our clients' problems in a pragmatic way. Pollux Shipping has extensive industry experience and strong relationships in the Nordic shipping universe.

Education and

We provide courses for offshore as well as onshore crews.

Offered courses:
  • Safety Officer
  • Designated Person
  • IMO-Mooring Personnel Training
  • Company Security Officer
  • Port Facility Security Officer
  • Fartygsbefäl klass VIII
  • Maskinbefäl klass VIII
  • UWILD survey for professional divers
  • Shipping knowledge etc for onshore crew
  • Member of Maritime Incident Response Group (MIRG)
  • Leader of Maritime Incident Response Group (MIRG)
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Bridge Team Management
In our education and training we use proprietary and client specific course materials with the most up to date information.

Marine Operations Management

Together with our clients we can develop management systems and manuals for marine operations and ship management. For the most common areas we have off the shelf templates, ready to be tailored for the specific client, ship and/or situation. This enables us to deliver top quality work swiftly and at a competitive price. At the same time, the regulatory bodies etc are already familiar with our manuals and materials which facilitates the approval process.

Examples of available manuals:
  • ISM, Safety Management Systems
  • ISPS
  • Cargo Securing Manual
  • Garbage Management Plan
  • Emergency Towing Manual
  • Ship Energy Management Plan

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Some of our most recent projects include:

Additional references can be provided upon request.

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Work and fishing vessels

Trefjar / Cleopatra

Trefjar work boats (Swedish agency shared with STL Group) are manufactured to the highest standards and approved by applicable Nordic regulations for work boats up to 15 meters. The Cleopatra 38 is suitable for fishing, diving, taxi or other work boat purposes and can be fitted accordingly.

Rescue boats

Mare Safety

Mare Safety (Swedish agency shared with STL Group) develops, produces and equips a number of specialized rescue boats and rescue crafts which also can be used as patrol vessels. All of the company's models are designed to comply with the most recent SOLAS standard.

Container och byggmoduler


Pollux Shipping actively trades in used containers and cargo handling equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in selling or purchasing used containers, high class modules or other equipment.

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Contact us

We are always looking for business proposals as well as talented and driven individuals to work with. If you are interested in doing business with us, please send an e-mail to info@polluxshipping.se.

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